Friday, September 7, 2012 | By: Mistress Brigitte

Sadism: Your Pain is my Pleasure

My slave Steve is in town for business. It has been a while since I have tormented him and I must admit I missed him.

As he goes through my front door, I grab him forcefully by his tie and order it to undress, which he does after giving me a beautiful bouquet of yellow roses. This is one of the reasons I am so fond of Steve, not only is he a good slave but he is also considerate. He is also a lot of fun to torment.

When I pinch his nipples and twist them mercilessly, he barely stifles a yelp. I then grab my Chinese seamstress clamps and attach them to his now swollen nipples. I enjoy watching his inner struggle not to scream. His facial expression sends a jolt of adrenaline through my brain.

 I am starting to get that rush that only my fellow sadists can relate to as I add some weighs to the clamps' chain to see how far down I can pull his nipples before he starts screaming. Slave Steve is very resilient, not only is he a masochist but he also would do anything to please me. He always says that he loves looking at my face when I torment him because I light up when inflicting pain.
Finally, the torture is too much for him to endure, he screams, I remove the clamps and whisper to him that he is a good boy and that I have something to soothe his sore breasts. I dip my hand in a jar of blue ice and rub his poor, now very red> swollen nipples with it. Soon the coolness of the cream turns into a fiery burning sensation which brings tears to his eyes.

 I make him take off one of my silk stockings and starts caressing him with it. He is now fully erect; I see pre-cum on the tip of his cock. I laugh and smack his hard dick with the back of my hand before using my stocking to bind it tightly to his balls. I then put a pair of lacy pink panties on him and order him to get dressed. I have some plans for the day and slave Steve is lucky, he is one of the select few with whom I will be seen with in public with.