Saturday, September 6, 2014 | By: Unknown

Spanking: It will hurt you far more than it will hurt me.

I am so glad I started doing real time sessions again.  These days, I am focusing a lot on domestic discipline and otk spanking. I actually enjoy it so much that I do have offer an half hour special for fellow spanking aficionados.
So far, I have had fun with Seattle's spankees: they have great attitudes (which is good otherwise they would require further attitude adjustments LOL), are genuinely respectful and up for having a grand old time having their buttocks paddled.
The first time I pulled a naughty boy over my laps and started whacking his behind with my bare hand then leather strap, it really hit me:
I had missed being a disciplinarian during my break from being a professional dominant.
Spanking is my personal fetish, there is something very intimate and also motherly about taking control of a grown man and putting him over my lap. It not only appeals to my domineering tendencies but also to my motherly side.
Oftentimes, being spanked as a child is someone's first introduction to physical power exchange. Since the spanker is generally a caring adult in position of authority, it sent a dual message:
Because I love you I have to hurt you for your own good.
When an adult goes over my lap, he regresses to that more innocent state of being trusting and powerless over a benevolent yet strict authority figure. To me as a spanker, it is a gift.
My favorite method is hand spanking, I just love the sensuality of touching and smacking bare, red hot flesh but I have and will use other implements too such as my favorite leather strap
If you are new to my blog and are into spanking, visit my website to set up a session with me. I will make sure you think of me for a couple of days after that every time you sit down ;)

Monday, August 11, 2014 | By: Mistress Brigitte
I am very excited. I have decided to start doing real time sessions again and will be seeing a few select slaves very soon.