Friday, August 31, 2012 | By: Mistress Brigitte

Now You Can Cum, Now You Can't!

I just had the best phone session with a horny 18 year old little peacock who pretended to be God's gift to womanhood.
When J first called me, he was quite arrogant and was bragging about his conquests. He was especially thrilled because he thought that his waxer, a good looking older woman had a crush on him.
At first I was a bit puzzled, why would he call a dominatrix to talk about his exploits? so I decided to start digging into his pea brain.
I asked him why he had a waxer, was he into pain or was he that vain? He explained to me that he was on the swim team and getting all of his body hair removed was part of the deal. This is when I got the picture; J has to lie naked in front of a fully clothed woman who happens to be old enough to be his mother.
She waxes him fully, including his cock and his balls and to do that she obviously has to bend over very closely to him and grab his dick.
As I was conjuring up the picture, I asked him if he got a hard on when he was laying flat on his back, powerless waiting for the warm wax to be applied on his body and for the pain to come.
The more I was prodding, the less cocky he became. It turned out that my new little pet was actually a horny little virgin who not only was fully erect when in presence of his waxer but also came as soon as she put her hand around his shaft.
The lady paid attention to him all right; she had a good laugh at his expense (just as I did).
Now we were going in the right direction, once the wall of macho lies crumbled I drilled into him how humiliating his lack of control was.
By the time I was finished laughing at him and his accidents, he was no longer a cocky young buck but was begging me to train him and teach him restraint. I told him to start jerking off and that I would guide him so he would not cum immediately. After a few minuets, I started to urge him on to stroke his shaft harder and faster.
He told me, Mistress, I'm gonna cum and I ordered him to take his hands of his dick and take a deep breath.
I kept at it for a while, I had him begging me to come and I would sometimes give him permission then just as I knew he was ready to explode, I would say: "Oops I changed my mind, hands off".
I ended the session without allowing him to orgasm. From cocky stud to blue balls amazing what a couple of hours talking to me can do to a guy LOL.
BTW, I told him to send me a pict of his cock and balls to see if he was truly waxed and yes he was. The kid is actually well hung, I bet I could probably put a dozen clothes pin on his cock...maybe next time he calls...